Discount Neutering Scheme for Dogs £30 Only

PetCare Vets in assocoation with

Dogs Trust Logo (Formerly National Canine Defence League)

Under the Dogs' Trust subsidised scheme, the cost of neutering a male or a female dog isjust £30 if you qualify.

In order to qualify for the subsidised neutering scheme provided by PetCare Vets and The Dogs' Trust you need to be receiving a means tested government benefit. A list of these benefits is shown lower in the page. To qualify you will need to provide us with evidence that you are in receipt of this benefit.

If you qualify, PetCare Vets and Dogs' Trust will provide the remaining fees.

If you are in any doubt about whether you qualify for the scheme, please ring us on the free phone numbers shown below for each surgery to discuss the matter.

You may want to contact the Dogs' Trust directly on
0845 606 3036. They will be happy to speak to you and discuss your situation.

More information is available on our website about neutering dogs. Click on the following to view the information described.
The scheme is operated at both our centres, Lea Green Vets, in Heaton Chapel Stockport, and Amber Vets in Levenshulme Manchester. Contact telephone numbers and addresses are shown below.We hope to provide a friendly personal service at an affordable price whilst maintaining a high standard of surgical and medical veterinary care.

Lea Green & Amber Veterinary Centres

For Directions to find us click here
Lea Green Vet Centre

251 Wellington Road North
Heaton Chapel
Stockport    SK4 2RQ
FreePhone Number Lea Green Vets Dogs Trust 0800 6123 192
For Directions to find us click here
Amber Vet Centre

1084 Stockport Road
Manchester    M19 2SU
FreePhone Number Amber Vets Dogs Trust Neutering 0800 6123 148

Please ring one of the freephone numbers shown above to make an appointment or for advice

The following list are the major means tested government benefits which are acceptable for the scheme:

  1. Income Support

  2. Jobseeker's Allowance

  3. Working Families' Tax Credit

  4. Disabled Persons' Tax credit

  5. Housing Benefit

  6. Council Tax Benefit.